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FEMseries 2022 Autumn Edition is open for applications!

The number of startups founded each year is a crucial indicator for stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and gender is still an omnipresent topic in Switzerland, as of all startups opened only 24% are led by women.At the FEMtrepreneurs, we strive to democratize opportunities for women founders…


feminno – female innovation and career development in Sciences

Who can participate?The program addresses female PhD students, post-docs, researchers, group leaders from life sciences, natural sciences, medicine, health, psychology (an similar fields), currently working at Swiss Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences (incl. related institutions)Alumnae and female professionals holding a Master’s degree can join through the School of Continuing Education at ETH Zurich. A maximum of…


6th FEMevent: Closing the Gender Gap in Negotiation

FEMevent 6th edition 2022In our second in-person event, we invite our community for an inspiring exchange to spark self-belief and help you close better deals.Negotiation is a critical skill for every founder – either to attract potential employees, get suppliers on board, bring in investors to a company,…


Promoting spin-off activities of female academics: Kick-off event

Promoting spin-off activities of female academics: Kick-off eventThis event addresses the conditions for spin-off intentions and activities by female scientists and students at Swiss Universities. It allows to learn from first measures to promote spin-off creation of female scientists across disciplines and university types.Date and time09.05.2022 13:15 –…