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Academic Entrepreneurship: Why and How to Promote Female Founders?

February 16, 2023 4.00 pm – 5.35 pm

This event aims to provide a platform to discuss the need for the support of female founders and how universities can overcome gender biases in academic entrepreneurship.


Female Founders Event in Olten

Nov 24th 2022 5.15 – 7 p.m. FHNW Campus Get inspired and learn through the experience of successfull female entrepreneurs!Participate in two workshops, connect with like-minded women & Meet supportive actors in the Swiss start-up ecosystem. Speakers MELANIE KOVACS CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR, BUSINESS STRATEGIST & STARTUP TRAINER Workshop #1: How to position…


Entrepreneurial Culture as Driver of Female Academic Entrepreneurship

17.11.2022 17.30 - 19.30
Manno, Auditorium Suglio Business Center / online

Within a collaborative project by Swiss Universities (2022-2024) Promoting spin-off activities of female academics, FemSpin DEASS SUPSI is hosting the event “Entrepreneurial culture as driver of female academic entrepreneurship”.


Female Founders – Bern

21.09.2022 6:30-9:00 p.m.
Launchlabs (Schweiz) GmbH

This Innosuisse-event marks the start of a multipart series of women-focused events and workshops aiming to increase representation of women among entrepreneurs and bring female members of higher institutions into contact with successful female entrepreneurs.


FEMseries 2022 Autumn Edition is open for applications!

The number of startups founded each year is a crucial indicator for stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem and gender is still an omnipresent topic in Switzerland, as of all startups opened only 24% are led by women.At the FEMtrepreneurs, we strive to democratize opportunities for women founders…


feminno – female innovation and career development in Sciences

Who can participate?The program addresses female PhD students, post-docs, researchers, group leaders from life sciences, natural sciences, medicine, health, psychology (an similar fields), currently working at Swiss Universities or Universities of Applied Sciences (incl. related institutions)Alumnae and female professionals holding a Master’s degree can join through the School of Continuing Education at ETH Zurich. A maximum of…


6th FEMevent: Closing the Gender Gap in Negotiation

FEMevent 6th edition 2022In our second in-person event, we invite our community for an inspiring exchange to spark self-belief and help you close better deals.Negotiation is a critical skill for every founder – either to attract potential employees, get suppliers on board, bring in investors to a company,…


Promoting spin-off activities of female academics: Kick-off event

Hosted by FHNW School for Applied Psychology
09.05.2022 13:15 - 17:30
FHNW Campus Olten, Von Roll-Strasse 10, 4600 Olten

This event addresses the conditions for spin-off intentions and activities by female scientists and students at Swiss Universities. It allows to learn from first measures to promote spin-off creation of female scientists across disciplines and university types.