6th FEMevent: Closing the Gender Gap in Negotiation

10. June 2022
FEMevent 6th edition 2022
FEMevent 6th edition 2022

In our second in-person event, we invite our community for an inspiring exchange to spark self-belief and help you close better deals.

Negotiation is a critical skill for every founder – either to attract potential employees, get suppliers on board, bring in investors to a company, or close deals with customers.

Deeply-rooted societal roles are seen as the source of the gender gap in negotiated outcomes: Studies show that women still tend to achieve less economic results in negotiation than their male counterparts. 

How can female founders narrow the gap in negotiated results with investors or business partners? What strategies can female founders apply to improve success in negotiation? How can you avoid pitfalls in entrepreneurial negotiation?

At the 6th FEMtrepreneurs event, we will gather our community of experts and founders to help you spark your self-belief so you can close better deals with investors, clients, or suppliers of your startup.

Date and time

10.06.2022 8:30 – 12:00


launchlabs (Schweiz) GmbH
192 Dornacherstrasse
Gundeldinger Feld, Halle 8
4053 Basel



Detailed agenda will follow.

  • Welcome & Intro (Daniela Prado Zumthor & Leonie Kellner) 
  • Panel Discussion: Negotiation (Sarah Kim Harbarth, Carl Emerson, Daniela Bar-Gera)
  • FEMpitching: 5 startup pitches from female (co-)founders from the FEMseries and the FEMtrepreneurs network
  • Negotiation Workshop (Carl Emerson & Gaby Rockman) 
  • Networking
  • End
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